Friday, April 22, 2011

easter J O Y

i'm not even supposed to be here, but i've popped into the store to pick up a wedding to deliver, and i had a few minutes to spare, so i thought i'de write some florally love to peruse over the long weekend!

i haven't the time nor the internet usage space to upload all the delightful pictures i have in my hot little hands (es, you ought to be proud), but i'll give you a heads up as what to expect to see on the blog soon...

2 weekends ago we headed to KURRAJONG HEIGHTS for cherie and ben's wedding...think pouring rain all the way there, esther and i walking around in no shoes (shoes were soaked) and think carful loads of hydrangea! plus the most incredible place EVER!

so i'll put some lovely shots of that up...

plus kath sent me some pictures from their wedding a while back, so i'll pop them up too!

annnddd! mothers day is just around the corner (quite literally) so i'll put up some inspiration to leave up on the computer screen for a clueless husband or child:)

* * *

happy easter!

{may we never forget the true sacrifice made for each one of us personally, that makes up this public holiday...}