Wednesday, December 12, 2012

k i n d w o r d s

Dear Esther and Naomi

It has been a whirlwind time since I found you a few months ago in print in the Frankie magazine until Sunday when you realised ALL my dreams of what our wedding should look and feel like. How you pulled that off in such a short time with such talent, joy, spirit and love is a huge, huge credit to you both.

I was so relaxed because I knew that you would totally nail it, and nail it you did - and then some!!

There were people in that room with very, very high standards - I can't even begin to explain - and each and every person at our wedding was blown away by your work.

I will thank you again in the way that I should (hand written as you like it!) but for now, I just had to tell you all of the above.

I guess you're already on to the next event, or maybe have already had a few since Sunday - all I can say is that I'm still seeing the images of your brilliance in my head and marvelling at it over and over again.

I hope this is the start of a long and creative friendship. I might just have to invent a party (or two or three) in order to have you around again!!!
R xx

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stakes Day Melbourne

Meet Casey-
This cutie went to melbourne with a floral head peaice packed carefully by her side the whole flight..

"Oh my gosh I loved it so much and got about 1 million compliments on it. I felt very smug next to the girls with fake flowers on their heads that’s for sure. Already thinking about what I could do next year." - Casey


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

M is for

M is for Madison Magazine, it's for Megan Morton's incredible studio, and for...well it doesn't start with M but, a rainy Wednesday morning, car full of everything seasonally white. 
Here is the aftermath...

Sunday, November 11, 2012


So I'll be the first to admit it.. we have been tragically slow on our blog front, between magazine shoots, blog shoots, documentaries, collaborating with some of the best and wedding season we have forgotten to post on here.. but I think all will be forgiven when I tell you our big news..
THE SISTERS are pairing with TOPSHOP!
You read it right! We are doing a pop up store in early December.. rewarding TOPSHOP customers with a floral surprise! We shall reveal dates and more details soon! Can't wait to reward you for doing your Christmas shopping.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

thankyou frankie dear

when frankie asked to do a little blurb on us sisters we were over the moon.. we really do love our shop

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

sneak peek

start getting excited..
here is a taste of the dream we have been dreaming.
working with the best team making this fairy tale was nothing but joy!
i cant wait to share all the shots with you,
but till then..

bohemian love . teaser from No Limit Pictures on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hey there following..
we appeared in issue seventeen of white magazine (the latest one out)
a 4am start, road tripping with a car full of floral delights, we drove all the way to newcastle we shot all day and got home about 10.30pm! what a day..  working with the best from white magazine and a talented crew the shoot was a breeze, so feast your eyes on these, they are better than we ever expected

Friday, August 10, 2012


So we have have had our heads down and bums up working on a few projects recently, so I've come up for air, and while I'm here I'll let you know what exciting things are coming up for the sisters.

Well, I'm flying out of here tomorrow and my dearest Esther, is heading up the sisters in a crazy, fun shoot for she designs the next day!! Think white horses, floral headpieces-out of this world, forests, babing models and of course all the crazy probs from Sheree's's going to be huge!
Don't worry, we'll keep you in the loop as where to see all the beautiful when they are launched.

I've also been doing a spot of floral writing myself, for White Magazine, which should come out in the next few months (I'll let you know), which was super fun, talking my heart out about flowers is a dream! Also gracing the pages of White, will be some crazy designs we did for a shoot up the coast, you should have seen the van! Full of trailing vines and glorious blooms, Esther drove up for a day of shooting with the best.

Also our little blurb in Frankie is coming out soon, so we had the lovely girls from Frankie in taking pictures of our dear little shop... Esther and I felt like proud parents:) Silly, I know, but we have worked so hard to get her looking the way she does, so it's a joy when someone wants it to grace the pages of their magazine.

Besides all that, we are filling the diary with weddings over summer...and I'll be sure to post more pictures (I know I always say this...)
And,(don't gasp), we are planning for christmas...real christmas trees again, delivered to your front door and gift wrapping and carollers,oh geee...let me take a breath...we are so excited for the tail end of this year.

Glad to be doing all this with you.
Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, July 27, 2012



some days I let my mind wander back in time and all I can feel is great fullness.
why so?
because we're living our dreams, and continue to everyday.
years ago, esther and I often would walk past flower shops, and dream big about our own store, the fit out, or what we would do for the windows, what kind of atmosphere we would was an ongoing dream..
now I look back, 3 and a half years later, and can see the progression, the hours of planning, or scheming and dedication from the very beginning, to now, the hours of on location weddings, working with such talented people, the shop fitted out just how we imagined, the atomsphere-perfect -still with all the same hours of blood, sweat and tears, but the fact that we are living out our dreams!
i'm surrounded by friends and family that are also living out their dreams, wheither it be running the fastest at the London Olympic Games, or starting a business, or finishing a degree and working the dream job...we are all in our own right, dreamers...
can a couple of girls ask for anything else?
just promise me this...
“Promise me you'll never stop dreaming.”
Melina Marchetta, Looking for Alibrandi

Thursday, July 26, 2012


we were lucky enough to be invited to do headpieces for some very talented dress makers/designers at ONE FINE DAY...

dresses by twobirds designers Vanessa Sher and Ariane Goldman

HEADPIECES by .thesisters.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

one fine day

a day FULL of big dreamers, can a pair of creatives as for anything else? Where have they been our whole lives!!
some pictures from the day.
ONE FINE DAY will be seeing the sisters again thats for sure.