Tuesday, February 7, 2012

day of love

its not so secret anymore.. i am in LOVE with LOVE!

the idea of a whole day devoted to love.
getting to tell and show someone that you love them.

so i thought i'd share all my ideas, of what i'd be doing if i wasnt making florally goodness all day... firstly the most obvious...

FLOWERS, and it doesnt have to just be roses-get creative, there is so many beautiful things out at the moment. i spotted some early bloomers this morning. tulips and hyacinths just started! and nothing gets me more excited than someone open to ideas and our creativity!

A CUBBY HOUSE, you may have forgotten how much fun they were when you were a kid. but nothing has changed, bring out your inner child and grab some old sheets, pegs and pillows.

A GOOD SONG, my current favourite is 'the darker side' by the middle east. its all about the different types of love, breath taking harmonies, and so many instruments. written by some dear friends of mine.

A CANDLE, it would be the perfect atmosphere maker for the cubby...

last but never least.. a good ol LOVE LETTER. not just 'i love you' but list the reasons why. letters and the words in them last forever.

so this love day.
create a memory.