Thursday, May 10, 2012

m u m m a s d a y

mummas' day
its full of long hours
trips to the markets
van full of chryssanthemums
so many cups of tea
and amongst it all our dear mumma (and dadda) are delivering all over sydney for us
which made me think there isn't much my mumma wouldn't do for her little girls
so this mummas' day i want to honour our mum, who would drop anything for us
who always calls us come sunday afternoon, with an encouraging 'pep up' call
she's the best listener and cuddler
she's the best wifey, she's the type who'd drop anything for her family
she's the best cook
and the one who uses the drive on mower
she's the family back bone
she's the heart and soul of our family
and she's the best example of what a content, hard-working and encouraging woman, wife and mumma is.
and needless to say
we love you mumma
thanks for the endless sacrifices, help, love and support you offer to your 'little girls'
love you, to the moon and back'


(ps just thought i'de add a snapshot of my their heyday, bunch of hotties if you ask me!)